You tell children stories to send them to sleep, but to adults to wake them up.



Every day, every moment and every experience is, once lived, a story. Life is a series of stories. And there’s nothing more rewarding than sharing these stories with our fellow humans. My name is Benjamin Schnitzer, and I tell stories. 

I was born into a family that, over many generations, traditionally learned the craft of wood carving. My work is the same: uniquely carved creations made with passion. 


Every person has a rhythm, and this rhythm means quality of life. Often, music achieves expression where words, pictures and symbols fail. A key focus of my work lies in music production, studio work, compositions and film scores.


One second of film has 24 pictures. So just how many pictures does a life have? Film brings together musical work, sound design, storytelling, photography and craft, which is the reason this medium is so emotionally engaging.


Just 50% of a work of film is pictures. The rest is all sound. Sounds can create pictures that do not exist visually. The sound that heralds the arrival of a monstrous creature is responsible for the terror and anticipation.